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Our Teachers

Our 2017/2018 Preschool Staff- Left to right: (Front Row)- Jennifer Street, Dana Sherwood, Cassie Rudd, Ellen Croft (Back Row)- Lisa Bowes, Sheila Uhler, Anna Kass(Director), Julie Holt.Not Pictured: April Wevers & Melody Turner(Music Teacher)

Mission Statement

The mission of SMC Pre-school is to create a Christian environment through teachers committed to nurturing the following growth objectives in the classroom:
  • *Each child will be encouraged to develop as a whole person. Attention will be given to physical, spiritual, social, emotional and intellectual growth.
  • *Each child will be encouraged to learn the values of sharing, fair play, self-discipline, kindness and consideration. As a part of the adjustment to group play and learning, they will be taught to follow directions and encourage each other.
  • *Each child will be given opportunities to develop self-esteem and the confidence to use his or her special gifts and talents.